How do I Prepare My Body for Martial Arts?

Two women practicing karate in a dojo with blue and red mat

Ready to learn martial arts? How exciting! Preparing to learn martial arts is always a good idea, whether that’s preparing physically, emotionally, or both. 

So if you’ve chosen your martial arts school, or even if you’re still looking around, in this article we’ll outline how to prepare for martial arts training so that you can commence your training and become a warrior in no time. 

Choose your path and find a school

When it comes to learning martial arts, there are a few different training methods you can choose from. Therefore, it’s important to ask yourself how you would like to learn martial arts. Do you want to take things slowly, and learn how to master each move in a calm and controlled environment? Or would you prefer to advance in your training as quickly as possible? 

Once you’ve identified your preferred teaching style, you can look for a martial arts school that aligns with your needs. Taking the time to find a style and teacher that suits you is time well invested, as this can have a huge impact on your enjoyment as you learn martial arts. 

Start building your fitness level 

Martial arts is all about endurance, so it helps to have a reasonable level of fitness as you start to learn martial arts. Of course, by no means do you need to be a pro-athlete, and you will likely lose some weight as you start training. But it’s important to have enough stamina to get through the classes, so being reasonably fit from the outset will help you progress in your training faster. 

Spacious martial arts training hall with blue mats and hanging bags
he well-equipped interior of a martial arts academy with training equipment

Respect the dojo 

The dojo is the space where learning takes place, and it’s considered to be sacred. It’s important to respect your sensei (teacher) just as much as you respect the dojo and your fellow students. Martial arts is generally a serious endeavour, and while of course it’s important to have some fun as well, just remember to enter each class with a respectful mindset that is ready to learn. 

Learn about the history of martial arts 

If you want to learn martial arts it’s worthwhile educating yourself about the history of your chosen practice. Martial arts is a fascinating practice, and its initial purpose was to train people to defend themselves against attackers, even to the death! 

Respect your sensei 

Your teacher is there to motivate you, be your friend, and occasionally, your worst enemy. He or she will push you in your training so that you move beyond your perceived capabilities. Try not to hog the instructor, as they will need to give equal attention to all the students in the class. 

Wear appropriate protective gear 

When you learn martial arts you’re certainly not aiming to seriously injure anybody, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important to protect your body. When sparring in martial arts the best way to cut down or avoid injuries is by wearing personal protective gear. To explore our range of individual armour, check out our online store.