Designed by a Woman for Women

Don’t Limit Your Potential!

Born out of a desire to protect women in impact sports, healthcare & high risk frontline personnel (Law Enforcement, Security & Defense Force) better, through female designed chest, body armour & garments that reflect who we women are and celebrate the sport or work we love to do.

Designed by Women for Women

Don’t Limit Your Potential!

Born out of a desire to protect women in impact sports better. To make protective garments that reflect who we women are and celebrate the sport we love.

Super impressive product!! Max protection while allowing full freedom of movement while horse riding!! Contoured shape for perfect fit under a competition jacket 🙌

Jamie-Lea Burns / Brisbane

Amazing body armour! I bought the chest protector with a singlet and I don’t know how I ever thought I should ride without it! MissMxG has definitely filled a much need gap in the market with high quality, well priced gear and great customer service. Thanks MissMxG!

Amy Greig

Great gear! Super comfy and comes with pockets. So good to have gear made in Australia for women. Sick of wearing stuff meant for men and now I don’t have to.

Anna R

The Fempro Armour is a breathable base layer designed to be worn under your jersey for low-profile coverage or can be worn by itself as well. It includes a removeable back & chest insert, increasing your impact protection, while the fabric is breathable it is a snug fit and secure—the armour softens to conform to your body as it is warmed by your own heat—offering minimal restrictions and maximum benefit. Definitely recommend this product if you care about protecting your upper body while Mountain Biking or any sport.

Zoe - IronFitBabe

After listening to a podcast where the Founder, Stephanie, talked about chest protection armour for all sorts of potential high impact sports and the release of a new fitment for us blokes, I’m going to be wearing this BroPro chest and back CE2 armour when out on my Adventure Bike. Its not if … it’s when I will need it !


My new bropro Armour jersey is tops !👍, my old Armour was made with hard plastic, so was restrictive & prone to pinching. This gear gets soft as it warms up & after a while I don’t even feel like I’m wearing Armour. Amazing stuff !

Add to that the fact that if I rip it I can just buy a new shirt & re-use the removable armour ! Brilliant!!
Game changer 😁👍

Ian H

What amazing chest armour!

Whether I am on the bike out on the track, on the road, or even whilst riding my horses; this armour gives me peace of mind that I needed

Mel / Sydney

Finally, chest protection for the ladies!

Loving the protection Fempro Armour provides inside my motorcycle racing leathers. I found the product molded quickly and easily to my shape. Forgot it was there after a few minutes. Finally something made for the girls which we don’t adapt for our use. Highly, highly recommend this product for any sport which may involve the potential risk of impact injury!

Ash deBakker / Sydney

I can’t recommend this chest armour enough.

I wear the armour every single time I ride. So comfortable that I forget that I am even wearing it as it moulds to my chest. My chest is protected and wish that every single woman would invest in this brilliant product.

Kathy / Brisbane

I never knew I need it….

Until someone made it! So comfortable and light, and provides me that additional level of protection that a girl needs to protect her tatas. Slides right into my jacket, or in summer I will definitely use my singlet!

Belinda B / Sydney

Fits Comfortably
Can’t feel it as it moulds perfectly to your body and feel good knowing I have full chest protection while riding.

Renae Kroh / Sydney

Best booby armour available!

What amazing chest armour! Whether I am on the bike out on the track, on the road, or even whilst riding my horses; this armour gives me peace of mind that I needed

Mel D. / Sydney

Love this product.

Was wearing unisex body armour for dirt bike riding until I discovered Fempro Armour, it has made a big difference in comfort and level of protection.

Lita B / Tasmania

As a G size Big Boobie Bad Ass Dirt Bike Racing Diva, this armour has been amazing! I can’t even feel it! It’s so light and malleable to fit my otherwise unprotected fun bags😝

Rachelle D / Traralgon -VIC

My daughter loves the fit and materials of the Fempro Armour Undergarment Jersey!

Jim W. / Canada


Female Chest Protection Armour

Xena is the first-ever soft wearable chest armour designed specifically for women, to prevent and protect against chest trauma from an impact.
With Xena’s CE impact certified design and technology, you will feel safe and confident while participating in any activity where an impact can occur.
The Xena female chest protection armour is made from
  • Viscoelastic memory foam, its super soft & lightweight.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Impact tested in Italy.
  • Weighs only from 270g for our level 1, or up to 525g for the level 2.
  • Protection through shock absorption, shock delay and dissipation of shock.
  • Available in A-C cup and D-G cup.
Try our protection gear for 30 days and if you don’t love it, simply send it back for a full refund or store credit if you like.


Customer Feedback

Here are some of our lovely customers showing their love for Fempro Armour.

Thank you to our awesome customers for the amazing testimonials, your kind words mean a lot to us.


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