Body Armour Designed by A Woman for Women

The Ultimate Chest & Body Armour for Active Women

Empowering women to be more active in impact sports, professional field and in aged care. Chest & body armour designed for women by woman to minimise chest & body injuries or even death.


Female Breast/Chest Protection Armour

Each year thousands of women are hospitalized due to sport-related and work-related chest trauma. Tragically, 60% of women who suffer chest-related injuries, never make it out of the hospital.Xena is the first-ever wearable chest armour designed specifically for women by a woman, to prevent and protect against chest trauma. With Xena’s patented design and technology, you will feel safe and confident while participating in any activity.The Xena female chest protection armour is made from viscoelastic soft foam and weighs only from 270g for our level 1, or up to 525g for the level 2 product. Xena will protect you through shock absorption, shock delay and the dissipation of shock.Try out Xena for 30 days and you don’t love it, simply send it back for a full refund.

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