elderly woman using a walker with assistance from a healthcare worker
A healthcare professional gently aids an older adult with mobility using a walker who is at risk of falling

Hip fractures, particularly fractures of the head of the femur, can be painful and debilitating, significantly affecting the quality and length of life for seniors. We understand the importance of safety and care for the elderly, those suffering from dementia and individuals with disabilities.

That’s why we have developed a specially designed Hip Protection solution, crafted with compassion and precision to provide the utmost comfort and protection. The hip protector pants are almost invisible under clothing, so you can wear them with confidence, whether you’re being active or simply relaxing. The flat protectors are comfortable to wear and won’t bulk up your clothing, making it easy to move and stay comfortable.

Fempro Armour currently is available to service Self & Managed Participants of NDIS. Approval for Agencies is pending.

Elderly individuals frequently experience a heightened fear of falling, which can result in them curtailing their activities, ultimately leading to decreased mobility. With scientific validation confirming their efficacy in reducing hip fractures and traumatic hip injuries, Fempro Armour hip protection range rekindles seniors’ confidence in their ability to move freely. This not only helps maintain their physical well-being but also enhances their overall mobility in later years.

Extensive research from around the world, backed by multiple studies*, consistently demonstrates that hip protection significantly reduces the risk of hip injuries resulting from falls. Nevertheless, recent research findings suggest that soft hip protectors, exemplified by Fempro Armour products incorporating the innovative Memory Air Technology, surpass hard-shell hip protectors in effectiveness.


Benefits and Advantages

Below are the exceptional benefits you can experience when wearing our body protectors.

red check mark on a green backgroundMaximum Protection: 

Our hip protectors are German engineered to offer top-tier protection against impact and injury. European impact tested (CE level 1) to a motorcycle standard, giving you the confidence and certainty to have the best possible defense against potential harm due to a fall.