Privacy Policy

We at Fempro Armour occasionally collect and process users’ data through this website (www.femproarmour.com). This privacy policy defines how we collect your information, store it with us, and use it for site and business improvements.

Therefore, we encourage you to read this privacy policy thoroughly before browsing the site. Your continued use of this website and submission of personal information to us shows your agreement to the policies elaborated here.

Besides, you can choose not to submit your personal information on this site should you wish. However, this may impact your browsing experience.

Type of personal information collected

While using this site, you may be providing us with your personal information during various activities such as account creation, subscription to newsletters, placing an order, and using related features and services. This may comprise your personally identifiable information, including your name, email address, contact numbers, billing and mailing address, and payment details.

We may collect and store this information that you voluntarily provide on this site. We also take every step to protect your data, as elaborated in this Privacy Policy.

Nevertheless, you can always refuse to provide your personal information while using this site. However, please note that denying your information may negatively affect your site experience while using certain features.

Collection and use of information

The information we collect from the users visiting this site is typically used for executing various business and service improvements. For example, we may use this data to run marketing campaigns, promotions, personalized special offers, interest-based product launch details, and surveys. Users need to explicitly inform us should they want us not to use their data for the purposes stated above.

In particular, this site also collects some non-personal information from the users. This information is aggregated generally and never relates to users’ identities. Such non-personal data that we collect potentially includes your device details, browser details, operating system information, ISP details, and other related data.

Alongside these details, the site also collects personal information about the users, though users can always deny such provision. However, denying certain details may create difficulties in providing certain services to you. Specifically, we use your data for internal recordkeeping, business improvement, and marketing activities. We may also use this data to communicate with our customers as and when required.

Fempro Armour also collects, stores, and uses your email address for sending newsletters and other mailing purposes. Yet, you can choose to unsubscribe from our mailing lists by emailing to us at www.missmxg.com. Please mention “Unsubscribe” in the email subject line for a swift response from our side.

Web browser cookies

Cookies are small files placed on your device’s hard drive via your browse as you browse a website. These files help businesses track users’ browsing habits for knowing users’ interests and improving the services. Our site also uses cookies for the said purposes of performance improvements.

Since some users may not be comfortable with placing cookies, this site notifies users about cookies. If you choose to continue using the site, you may accept or decline cookies. However, denying cookies may affect the performance of certain site functions.

Disclosure of personal information

At Fempro Armour, we ensure the utmost security to our users’ data and respect customers’ privacy. Therefore, we never use your data for monetization nor share your personal information with others.

Fempro Armour may, however, share some general (non-personal) data aggregated from visitors for advertising, affiliate marketing, and business purposes with our trusted partners. This sharing of data proceeds per the practices described above and is executed only after having users’ consent.

Storage and Security

We strive to keep our users’ data private and secure from online threats. Therefore, we collect and store your information with the utmost security in our digital and print storage sites. This information remains private and is never shared, sold, or otherwise distributed to third parties for marketing or solicitation purposes.

Changes to this privacy policy

Fempro Armour discretely reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notification. We expect and encourage you, our visitors, to review this page periodically to know about any changes or updates in our policies well before time. You can track any changes in this policy by observing the changes in the “last updated” date at the bottom.

Complaints about breach

The data collected and stored at Fempro Armour via this website is regulated by the Australian Privacy Laws. If you believe that this service has breached the regulations in handling your data in any way, you may write to us at email to admin@femproarmour.com to file your complaint. Rest assured that all complaints received to us are dealt with on a priority basis, with utmost confidentiality, and with no impact on providing our products and services to you.