Empowering Women with Superior Protection

At Fempro Armour, we stand distinct in the realm of body armour manufacturing, specifically catering to the unique needs and contours of women. Our dedication to female empowerment through safety and comfort in high-impact sports and activities sets us apart from conventional companies.

Why Choose Fempro Armour?

  1. Designed by Women, for Women: Our products are not mere adaptations of male gear. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted, considering the female form, issues that women have with clothing in general, designed by women who understand the intricacies of female body dynamics.
  2. Custom-Fit for Female Shape: We recognize that women’s bodies are diverse. Our armour is designed to accommodate and mold to every female shape, ensuring comfort without compromising on protection.
  3. Advanced Material Technology: Fempro Armour utilizes lightweight, moldable materials that react to body heat. This innovation allows for a second-skin fit, adapting seamlessly to your movements without restrictions.
  4. European Impact Certification: Safety is non-negotiable. Our products are rigorously tested and certified to meet both CE Level 1 and Level 2 standards, offering unmatched impact protection.
  5. Discreet and Comfortable: Our armour is not only effective but also discreet and super soft, ensuring you feel confident and unrestricted in your movements.
  6. Long-Term Reliability: We offer an unprecedented 10-year warranty for our armour, a testament to our commitment to quality and durability.
  7. Versatility in Use: Whether you’re into cycling, skiing, or any impact sport, Fempro Armour is designed to protect you across a wide range of activities.

The Fempro Difference

While other companies often resort to resizing male protectors (a practice known as ‘shrink it and pink it’), Fempro Armour breaks the mold. Traditional body protectors are typically made from hard plastic, designed without considering the female anatomy, often resulting in discomfort and inadequate protection. Moreover, the industry-standard 12-month warranty pales in comparison to our 10-year assurance.

Hard-shell and Fempro Armour protectors

The comparison between a hard-shell protector and Fempro Armour protector shows a clear
explanation of the other differences between these types. It’s not only the different maximum force
reduction and gradients of the curves. The time aspect plays an important role that passes until the peak of the force. The longer this time the better for the body. If the energy is reduced in a very short time (as with a hard-shell protector) the exposure for the body is very high.
But if the energy is reduced over a long span of time (as with Fempro Armour “soft protectors” model) then this exposure is shrinking extremely.


Empowerment through Protection

With Fempro Armour, women can boldly pursue their passions, dreams, and high-impact sports, knowing they are shielded to the maximum. We don’t just offer armour; we provide a promise of safety, confidence, and the freedom to excel in any endeavor.