Should female athletes receive different sport science advice to men?

Wondering whether the anatomical differences between men and women mean that female athletes should receive different sport advice?  It’s a fair question to ask, and unfortunately, there isn’t really a clear answer.  That being said, it’s fair to speculate that because female athletes have a number of anatomical, physiological and psychological differences when compared to […]

How Women in High-Impact Sports are Making a Positive Impact

Men have been able to participate in high impact sports since, well, forever but this hasn’t been the case for women. In fact, up until the 1960s women faced many restrictions on how, where and when they could participate in any kind of sporting activity. Crazy isn’t it?  Nowadays, things are a lot more relaxed, […]

The Impact Of High-Impact Sports On Women’s Health

It’s no secret that exercise and participating in sports has a great effect on our overall health and wellbeing, but how does high-impact sports affect women’s health? Is there any real difference between men and women in this area?  Keep reading to find out the impact of high-impact sports on women’s health.  Improves bone density […]