What can happen if you hit your breast hard?

The after mark of a motorcycle accident to the female breast

Breast injuries can occur among women participating in sports or occupational activities, and even as a result of seatbelt-related trauma. These injuries often go unnoticed, as many female athletes may suffer from them, with approximately 50% of female college athletes in a United States study being affected. Surprisingly, only a small fraction, as low as 10%, actually report these injuries to their coaches or medical professionals.

Understanding Breast Trauma

Breast trauma encompasses any damage to the breast or its tissues caused by an external event or activity. While many breast injuries don’t cause lasting damage, the experience can be distressing. Symptoms like pain, discoloration, or a noticeable lump often raise fears about breast cancer. However, these signs typically indicate tissue injury which, though uncomfortable, generally heals on its own.

Common Causes of Breast Injuries in Sports

In the realm of sports, traumatic breast injuries are not uncommon. These can cause significant discomfort, visible bruising, and sometimes, swelling of breast tissue. A serious concern in such cases is the risk of hemorrhaging, where damage to major blood vessels could lead to severe, life-threatening bleeding.

Breast Trauma and Cancer: Is There a Link?

A prevalent concern is the potential for breast trauma to lead to cancer, particularly when injuries result in lump formation. However, these lumps are usually not cancerous and include hematomas (deep bruises) and fat necrosis (scarred fatty tissue from injury). While there is no direct link between trauma and cancer, the possibility cannot be entirely dismissed. Research, such as a study published on NCBI, shows that a significant number of elite female athletes report breast injuries impacting their performance, yet often do not discuss these injuries with professionals.

Impact on Sports Performance

Many elite female athletes felt that breast injuries negatively affected their performance. Despite this, many do not report their injuries, highlighting a need for increased awareness among athletes, coaches, and medical professionals about breast injuries in sports. Encouraging open discussions about breast health is crucial for ensuring proper reporting and treatment of such injuries.

The research found at this link reveals that over a third of top-tier female athletes have suffered breast injuries due to contact or friction during sports activities. Despite around 20% of these athletes acknowledging that such injuries adversely impact their performance, many have not discussed these injuries with a coach or medical expert. This highlights the urgent need for increased awareness among athletes, coaches, and medical professionals in women’s sports about the prevalence and potential harm of breast injuries. Promoting open dialogue about breast health is essential, enabling athletes to seek help and treatment when needed. More research is essential to understand the dynamics of breast injuries in sports, paving the way for developing effective prevention strategies based on solid evidence. 

Importance of Further Research and Prevention Strategies

There’s a critical need for further research to understand factors affecting breast injuries in sports and to develop effective, evidence-based prevention strategies. This point is underscored by a landmark study funded by World Rugby, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, focusing on the unique requirements of women in sports.


Breast injuries in sports can have a significant impact on athletes’ performance and wellbeing. While the link between breast trauma and cancer is not clearly established, the concerns it raises cannot be ignored. Increasing awareness and research into this area is essential for developing effective prevention and treatment strategies. Ensuring female athletes receive the support they need for both their performance and health.

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