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I am bigger than DD, cant I still wear the armour?

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Motorcycle body armour is certified according to the the European motorcycle armour standards.  The technical name for this standard is EN-1621.  This is divided into two subsections – EN1621-1 covers all body armour except back protectors/spine guards, while EN1621-2 covers back and spine guards. The standards are revised periodically, so certification on products may also refer to the specific revision of the standard that was passed, e.g. EN1621-1:2003

The average transmitted force of 9 tests must be less than 35kN, with no single result being greater than 50kN.

A protector is certified as providing level 1 coverage if the average peak force transmitted through the protector is less than 18kN, with no single value exceeding 24kN.

A protector is certified as providing level 2 coverage  if the average peak force transmitted through the protector is less than 9kN, with no single value exceeding 12kN.

So level 2 coverage provides a higher level of protection than level 1.

Depending on the sport and how much force is applied. Certain sports don’t require high protection as the impact force is not a great than other sports.

It also comes down how what the preference of the wearer is. A level 2 body armour is slightly heavier than a CE level 1.

Viscoelastic foam with memory effect

Leveraging the underlying memory effect, the foam protector doesn’t lose its shape after any deforming activity. Rather it regains its original form soon after an impact without losing its functionality.

Robust impact resistance

Our PU-foam protector is designed with multi-impact compliance to continue functioning for a long time. Therefore, unlike the other common stuff like silicon, EPS, or poor-quality foam that often deform in response to pressure, this PU foam protector exhibits resilience towards multiple impacts even at the same site.

Residual forces

Being CE-certified, this armor foam complies with norm EN 1621, staying well behind 50% of the standard values.

Absorption ability

The PU protector encloses air inside the foam cells for progressive absorption. This embedded air enables the protector to remain soft with a gradual pressure increase and withstand sudden heavy impact without deforming.

Depending on your chest size. We have two sizes, A-C cup and D+ cup.

As the armour molds to your body, you don’t need to fill out the cup, as it will flatten depending on your breast size. Our Xena chest armour is made for front on force, so if your breast are bigger than our D+ cup you will have some side breast exposed but the main area is protected.

Fempro Armour body armour comes with a 10 year warranty, compare to other brands 12 month warranty.