What Is the Armour Made out Of?

These days you can find a lot of armour on the marketplace, however it is very hard to know what armour is the best to wear. We all tend to think that hard plastic is the way to go, but this isn’t often the way to go. Important aspect of any protection armour is the impact absorption abilities and hard armour does not rate very high in the absorption abilities. Hence why most protection armour will only give 12months warranty, instead of our 10 year warranty

Viscoelastic foam with memory effect

Leveraging the underlying memory effect, the foam protector doesn’t lose its shape after any deforming activity. Rather it regains its original form soon after an impact without losing its functionality.

Robust impact resistance

Our PU-foam protector is designed with multi-impact compliance to continue functioning for a long time. Therefore, unlike the other common stuff like silicon, EPS, or poor-quality foam that often deform in response to pressure, this PU foam protector exhibits resilience towards multiple impacts even at the same site.

Residual forces

Being CE-certified, this armor foam complies with norm EN 1621, staying well behind 50% of the standard values.


This armor foam takes care of the wearer’s comfort. The lightweight foam exhibits low density (280 g/l only) that warrants high absorption without passing on the energy to the wearer. That’s how it provides better protection without discomfort, unlike the usual high-density hard-shell protectors (like silicon) that feel heavy.


The armor not only ensures the wearer’s safety and comfort but also warrants budget-friendliness and sustainability. That’s why these armors come with a ten-year life expectancy, unlike most other armors that only claim to last for two to three years.

Absorption ability

The PU protector encloses air inside the foam cells for progressive absorption. This embedded air enables the protector to remain soft with a gradual pressure increase and withstand sudden heavy impact without deforming.

Temperature safety

Despite sourcing lightweight PU-foam, our body armors exhibit enhanced resistance to high temperatures. Unlike conventional PU foam that cannot withstand more than 60 °C, our armors can withstand temperatures as high as 100 °C without damages.

Environmentally friendly

This PU foam armor has been designed in an eco-friendly manner with renewable resources that make its disposal easy following wear and tear.


The lightweight, sturdy and flexible body armor foam keeps the wearer comfortable with maximum energy absorption.

Hand washable

In contrast to conventional foam protectors, this PU foam is safe for regular hand wash – thanks to its underlying hydrophobic cell structure that repels water from entering the stuff, ensuring absorption of not more than 1%.