Keeping Safe in High-Impact Sports

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A Harvard study indicates that biological differences make women more prone to injuries than men, underscoring the vital importance of wearing appropriate protective armor. For athletes, proper safety gear is crucial, but it becomes even more critical for women participating in high-impact sports.

Sports safety for women is important, and the risk of injuries in high impact sports is undeniable. Elements such as the playing style, technique, equipment, level of contact, and level of training can all contribute to a greater risk of sports-specific injuries. 

That’s why it’s so important to protect your body and keep safe as a woman in high impact sports. In this article, we’ll explore sports safety for women while playing high impact sports. 

What are high-impact sports? 

Any sport that includes potential injuries and wear and tear to specific joints such as the ankle, knee or hip is considered high impact. Some examples of high impact sports include; motocross, basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, football, boxing, martial arts, and even running. 

These sports are where women (and men too!) are most likely to suffer trauma to their body, therefore it’s important that appropriate safety precautions are taken before playing any of these sports. 

Make sure you invest in high-quality protective gear 

black motorcycle protective armor with ventilation holes and safety certification labels
Ergonomic motorcycle armor featuring ventilation and compliance with safety standards by Fempro Armour

The most crucial sports safety for women is an investment in the appropriate protective gear for your chosen high impact sport. The gear you buy will depend of course on what sport you are playing. 

Items such as our Xena Chest Armour, elbow armour, back armour, shoulder armour and hip armour can be used in a variety of different high-impact sports. Using the appropriate safety gear can dramatically reduce your risk of injury and lessen the severity of any injuries you do sustain while playing sports. 

Work with a coach  

Training with a coach in your chosen field of sport is another important sports safety tip for women. Your trainer will be able to ensure that you have the proper technique and form while playing your chosen high impact sport, which will again help to significantly reduce your risk of injuries. 

Don’t forget to warm up every time 

We all know how important it is to warm up before playing any kind of sport, but it’s amazing how many people forget this step. Warm ups are an important part of sports safety for women because they increase your blood flow and prepare your muscles and other tissues for playing high-impact sports. Proper warm-ups are yet another way to decrease your risk of injury while playing high-impact sports. 

Protect your chest  

Women in high impact sports often end up with traumas to their ribs due to direct blows to the chest from things like heavy tackling. Rib injuries resulting from direct blows can lead to life-threatening conditions like breathing problems, punctured lungs, or aortic rupture. That’s why it’s so important to protect your chest when playing high-impact sports. 

That’s why we developed our Xena Chest Armour especially for sports safety for women. Our chest armour protects your chest through shock absorption, shock delay and dissipation of shock. If you are looking for the ultimate female breast & chest protection, then look no further than our unique Xena female breast protection armour.