What is the Best Motocross Diet?

Motocross rider in action on a dirt track in the woods

Are you gearing up to compete in a motocross race? You might be wondering what would be best to eat for breakfast. As a female motocross rider, you don’t want to run out of energy before the race is over but you also don’t want to have an upset stomach because of too much food either. 

In this article, we’ll cover the best breakfast practices to ensure you’re in peak condition for your motocross race! 

How much should female motocross riders eat before a race?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best source before any race.
Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best source before any race.

The answer to this question really depends on how much time you have to digest your food before your race. 

If you’re at least 3 or 4 hours out from your race good breakfast options include porridge, cereal bars, toast, bagels, cereal or bananas. 

At 2-3 hours out you can still eat these foods, however you’ll want to make sure you go low in fat. Once you’re an hour out, avoid high fat and high fiber options, because your body won’t have enough time to digest foods containing these compounds. 

When it comes to choosing an appropriate breakfast as a female motocross rider on race day, stick with the carbs. Carbs will give you the energy to perform at your best.

When it comes to foods to avoid, anything with a high fiber content is more likely to give you an upset stomach. High fiber foods also take longer to digest, which means oats, bran, and muesli don’t make the cut.  




Suitable pre-event meal options include:

  • Cereal with milk and fruit
  • Baked beans on toast
  • Sandwiches/rolls with light fillings
  • Small serve of rice or pasta dish

Riders who struggle to eat before competition because of pre-race nerves or poor appetite may prefer to try lighter options such as:

  • Fruit based smoothie
  • Muesli bar with piece of fruit
  • Toast with peanut butter
  • Yoghurt with fruit salad

Is important to start a race well hydrated. Monitoring the color of your urine can be a good self assessment tool, which should a clear, pale yellow colour. If it is very dark, the athlete should drink extra water to rehydrate.

For more info see SDA (Sports Dietitian Australia)

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