Top 5 Must-Have Sports Gear for Women

motorcycle gear arranged neatly including boots helmet gloves and protective padding

There are certain pieces of sports equipment every woman needs, especially those who are involved in high-impact sports like AFL, rugby, motocross or mountain biking. In this article, we’ll outline five essential pieces of sports equipment and the benefits of wearing them next time you’re out on the field! 

women body protectors reliable safety gear for ultimate protection
Women Body Protectors Reliable Safety Gear for Ultimate Protection


ATHENA Female Chest Armour 

Whether you’re into mountain biking, motocross, or even horse riding, protecting your chest is always a good idea. Did you know that each year thousands of women are hospitalized with sporting-related injuries, and chest trauma is the leading cause of death among those injured? 

Don’t risk becoming a statistic! ATHENA female breast protection armour is the best way to safeguard your chest and reduce your risk of injury to this sensitive area.  

Elbow Armour 

Another piece of sports equipment every woman needs is elbow armour! If you play high-impact sports like hockey, cycling, volleyball, skiing or skateboarding, then investing in a pair of high quality elbow pads is a must. 

Fempro elbow armour prevents and reduces the risk of injuries to your elbows. Due to intelligent design, our elbow armour is soft and body forming until it is impacted.

Shoulder Armour 

Let’s not forget about the shoulders! Another piece of sports equipment every woman needs is some sturdy and reliable shoulder pads. These are particularly essential for women who play football, motocross, and hockey. 

When our shoulder armour is impacted, the material prevents trauma to your shoulders by hardening to absorb the shock, delaying the transmittance of the shock and finally dissipating it over larger areas of your body. 

Back Armour 

When riding motorcycles or even mountain biking, it’s important to protect your back to reduce your risk of a serious injury if you come off your bike. That’s why our back armour is another essential piece of sports equipment that every woman needs. 

Just like our chest, elbow, and shoulder armour, our back armour is designed to absorb shock and reduce the severity of the impact, so that you are less likely to sustain a serious injury. 

Hip Protector Pants and Armour

If you’re a woman in a high-impact sport like rugby or AFL then you won’t want to play without our hip protector armour!  Fempro hip protector armour offers effective protection against hip fractures and injuries in the event of a fall. These fit perfectly inside the hip protection pants without being bulky.

The pants themselves feature side protector pockets on the right and left that are placed in the exact positioning of the femoral neck.

Buy Quality Women’s Protective Gear From Fempro Armour Today

If you’re a female athlete, then don’t settle for using men’s or unisex protective gear. Instead, get the protective gear that you deserve. Here at Fempro Armour, we specialise in offering body armour that has been specifically designed with female anatomy and requirements in mind. We’re proud to stock a wide range of top-quality body armour for women athletes, ensuring that you can compete with full peace of mind that you’re as protected and as comfortable as possible. Checkout our range of protective gear, by clicking HERE