Best Sports Clothing For Women

If you’re a woman in motocross, enjoy playing high-impact sports, or hit the trails often on your mountain bike – you might be wondering what’s the best sports clothing for women? 

While there’s a huge range of clothing for all kinds of sports and disciplines of riding, there are certain garments we recommend women wear to protect themselves while enjoying their favourite adrenaline pumping sport. 

This is what we consider to be the best sports clothing for women. Let’s get into it. 

Black full-sleeve motorcycle armor jacket with red and white branding
Durable full-sleeve motorcycle armor jacket featuring prominent branding and reinforced padding for enhanced safety.


Body Armour Jersey

If you need full body protection, the Fempro armour jersey is the best sports clothing for women! This jersey features perforated fabric for maximum cooling, 4 way stretch, underarm ventilation slots, side zipper for easy application and inside pockets for armour pads. 

This is the perfect protective jersey for women who do a lot of riding, or play high-impact sports where there’s a higher potential for risk of injury. 

The Fempro armour jersey can be purchased with or without full level armour and there are two levels to choose from. We recommend going for Level 2 protection if you play a high-impact sport (such as motocross), if you play a lower-impact sport our Level 1 protection should be sufficient. 

Protective Singlet

Black sleeveless motorcycle base layer with a red and white logo on the side
Sleeveless black base layer for motorcyclists, featuring a subtle red and white logo for a touch of style

If you don’t quite need the full body protection of the Fempro Armour Jersey, the Fempro protection singlet could be the best sports clothing for you. Our fitted singlet top is the perfect way to keep our Xena chest armour in place whilst participating in your day to day life, protecting you for those times when a fall might occur. 

This is the perfect option for women who play sports where there is a higher risk for sustaining injuries to the chest area but it can also provide protection for frontline workers such as Law Enforcement, Security and the Defense Force. 

The Fempro protection singlet is available with both a chest armour pocket and a chest armour pocket as well as a back armour pocket. Armour is sold separately. 

Buy Quality Women’s Protective Gear From Fempro Armour Today

If you’re a female athlete, then don’t settle for using men’s or unisex protective gear. Instead, get the protective gear that you deserve. Here at Fempro Armour, we specialise in offering body armour that has been specifically designed with female anatomy and requirements in mind. We’re proud to stock a wide range of top-quality body armour for women athletes, ensuring that you can compete with full peace of mind that you’re as protected and as comfortable as possible. Checkout our range of protective gear, by clicking HERE

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