How Does Motorcycle Body Armour Work—Is it necessary?

How Does Motorcycle Body Armour Work?

Motorcycle body armour is a type of protection worn by motorcycle riders. It was made up of hard thermoplastic resins that form an outer shell and resilient foam liners made from high-tech compounds.

While there are not many studies surrounding its effectiveness, it is generally accepted that it provides more protection than riding without any protection.

Do Motorcycle Protection Work?

Motorcycle body armour is designed to protect the rider in a possible collision.

While few studies surround its effectiveness, it is generally accepted that it provides more protection than riding without any protection.

Riders have been known to walk away from high-speed crashes with nothing more than a bruised ego, so motorcycle body armour can effectively save lives.

What Is Motorcycle Body Armour?

Motorcycle body armour is a type of protection that bikers should wear to protect themselves. These armours typically has an outer shell and is made from high-tech compounds.

The armour can be replaced and typically comes in the form of pockets to place into jackets, shorts, and pants.

Why Motorcycle Armour is Important

  • Motorcycle body armour is a crucial safety gear for anyone who rides a motorcycle. It protects the essential parts of your body in a crash or fall.
  • Your bones and skin are just as important as your head and neck for motorcycle safety. In a crash, your armour can help protect you from serious injury. It’s always a good idea to cover all body parts, so invest in some quality motorcycle armour.
  • Motorcycle gear is essential to have when you’re on the road. It can help protect you from injuries in an accident. Jackets, gloves, pants, and suits all have protective qualities that will help keep you safe. But the most critical piece of safety gear for a motorcycle is body armour. It helps absorb the impact of a collision and can save your life.
  • The gear is made up of high-density foam, which offers impact and abrasion protection to all joints in an accident. In addition, the armour protects against high impacts on the body. It can be easily removed if needed and does not interfere with riding comfort.
  • Motorcycle armour will protect you from a crash. It is not 100% effective, but it can make the difference between life and death. The gear keeps your body safe and protected from head to toe, so you can ride with peace of mind knowing that you have some extra protection in case of an accident.

Types of Motorcycle Body Armour

Armoured Vests

Different types use armour as invests and back protectors: ballistic plates, stab-resistant panels, and airbags. When it comes to replacement armour, there are a few options. You can either replace the ballistic plates or the stab-resistant panels.

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Armoured Jackets

Built armoured jackets are from many different materials: leather, mesh, kevlar hybrid, and textile. They typically have straps or snaps to help keep them in place and serve other functions like adding pockets or attaching armour

Armoured Suits

There are two types of armoured suits-the one-piece and the two-piece suit.

The two-piece suit offers extra protection because it has armour on the shoulders, back, elbows, hips, legs, and knees.

This type of suit is beneficial for those who want to be protected in more areas.

Armoured Pants

Arm armored pants are motorcycle clothing that protects riders in critical areas, such as the hips, pelvis, legs, and knees.

It is crucial to select armoured pants that match your riding style and needs.

Look for features like CE-rated armour and sturdy fabric construction.

Armoured Boots

Research has shown that wearing armoured motorcycle boots can reduce the risk of foot or ankle injury by 53% and open wound injury by 90%.

We do not recommend that every rider still goes without a proper boot.

Elbow and Knee Guards

There are a few different guards/braces that you can use for your elbows and knees. Elbow guards are typically used to protect the joint from impact, while knee braces and guards provide support and protection to the knee.

Back Protector

Many people believe that back/spine protectors are only for race car drivers, but this is not true. A back/spine protector can protect against soft tissue damage and bruising, making them ideal for everyday riding.

Hip Protection

Hip protectors are not just for racers. Many different people in various situations can use them. For example, they can help reduce the risk of soft tissue damage on the body if you fall or are hit by something.

Why Do Motorcycle Jackets Have Diagonal Zippers?

The diagonal zipper does not let the jacket bundle up on the front of your belly when you are riding. Also, this oblique zipper style helps with blocking the wind.

Motorcycle jackets are made of a variety of materials, the most common being leather.

They also have diagonal zippers that allow for more range of motion and comfort when riding.

The jackets typically have internal and external pockets as well as tightening mechanisms around the neck and wrists to keep the jacket in place while riding.

What Is the Main Difference Between a Leather Jacket and a Motorcycle Riding Jacket?

There are a variety of materials and options that riders can choose from when they are looking for a motorcycle riding jacket.

The main difference between leather jackets and motorcycle riding jackets is the level of protection. Leather jackets are typically not as protective as other materials, such as Kevlar.

Riding suits come in both one-piece and two-piece varieties, with the two-piece option being more popular because it allows riders to have more flexibility when they are moving around on their bike.


Motorcycle body armour will protect your body from accidents. With armour, the chances of surviving increase a lot. If you are a female bike enthusiastic, we recommend that you check our wide range of body armour HERE. If you engage in other sports, we have covered you.