Does Rugby Body Armor Work?

three female rugby players in team uniforms and founder of fempro armour smiling for a group photo on the field

When it comes to the question of whether rugby body armour works, the answer is a resounding yes. Fempro Armour has revolutionized protective gear for female athletes, using cutting-edge technology to provide optimal protection without compromising comfort. In this article, we’ll delve into the innovative features a game changer for women’s contact sports.

Impact Absorption Technology

Powered by patented impact absorption technology, and crafted to reduce the force of contact in areas vulnerable to injuries. Extensive research forms the foundation of this advanced protection system.

Lightweight and Highly Breathable

This lightweight body armour prioritizes movability, ensuring athletes stay comfortable during intense play. Internally the armour consists of air pockets that compress upon impact, effectively absorbing more energy compared to traditional foam padding.

Bond University’s Partnership

As women’s sports, especially football codes, continue to soar in popularity in Australia, Bond University has joined forces with a Queensland-based company to develop state-of-the-art protective body armour tailored specifically for the female physique. Bond University’s athletes played a pivotal role in testing this gear, with a dedicated research team documenting the benefits for players. 


zoe hanna wearing the very first rugby armour prototype
Zoe Hanna trialing the first impact tested prototype

Real-World Testing

During the 2023 Rugby Union Season, three athletes from Bond University put Fempro Armour to the test. Valuable input and feedback from these athletes have contributed to refining the design, ensuring maximum protection and comfort.

Zoe Hanna, a standout player and recipient of the prestigious John Eales Rugby Excellence Scholarship, emphasizes the significance of this tailored protection for female athletes. She highlights how Fempro Armour is not just a scaled-down version of men’s gear but a product designed by women, for women, taking their specific needs into account.

Zoe also points out the unacceptable risk of injury among female athletes, particularly in contact sports, due to ill-fitting protective gear and inadequate safety standards that fail to consider anatomical differences. 


European Certified Safety

When Fempro Armour hits the market, it will be the sole European Certified product available for female Rugby Union athletes. This certification ensures that the body armour not only meets but exceeds European safety standards, guaranteeing top-tier protection.

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