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Fempro Armour boasts a dedicated affiliate program, for which the terms and policies are set below. Your participation in this affiliate program depicts your agreement with these policies. Therefore, please go through the entire page before submitting your application for a thorough understanding of this “Agreement” that will be the legal contract between you and Fempro Armour.

When you submit your application for this affiliate program to Fempro Armour, we understand that you have read and agree to these terms. The subsequent approval of your application and your participation directly indicates that you agree to abide by all the policies stated herewith.

This affiliate program has been set up for advertising purposes only. Fempro Armour affiliates receive a commission for the referral-based promotion of Fempro Armour brand and products. For this, affiliate partners receive special codes that are only meant for promotions. You, as an affiliate, cannot use this coupon code for any purposes, including paid advertising via social media or search engine marketing, and to available discounts or rewards or coupon sites. Using codes in any of these activities (except referral advertising) may lead to suspension of your affiliate participation with us.

Your application, participation, and continued inclusion in this affiliate program is governed via the Agreement elaborated below. This Agreement comes into effect right when you begin your participation until the termination of your affiliation with us from either party.

Fempro Armour reserves the right to amend this Agreement or modify the Affiliate Program at any time with or without prior notification. Your continued participation will be considered as your acceptance of the changes. Whereas, in case of your disapproval, you can always choose to terminate your affiliate partnership with Fempro Armour.

Please note that termination/suspension of your affiliate partnership can be done by either party – you or Fempro Armour – at any time. Such termination also halts the provision of commission to you as otherwise approved under this program.


As stated, this affiliate program runs on referral basis for which you, as an affiliate, will receive codes from us. Fempro Armour uses these codes to attribute your referrals via your affiliate links.

For this, Fempro Armour makes use of Refersion affiliate tracking software from Refersion Inc. This system works by placing a cookie in the browser with your affiliate tracking code whenever a user clicks on your referral link. This tracking cookie logs the user’s IP address with your tracking code. Then, when Fempro Armour receives an order, our scripts look for the cookie and/or the IP address to detect and track your referral.

A successfully detected referral lets Fempro Armour award the commission to you, the affiliate. This commission still remains awardable even if a user makes a purchase later until our system successfully finds the cookie and/or the tracked IP address.

However, Fempro Armour reserves the right to decide about the approval or refusal of service to the referral.


Participating in this affiliate program makes you eligible for a referral commission for any successful purchase of Fempro Armour products. This commission goes according to the designated and agreed-upon payment schedule.

Our system uses Refersion affiliate tracking tool to track and record sales via affiliate referrals to calculate and award the commission accordingly. Please visit the website of Refersion Inc. to know the kind of information we use for such estimations.

While the commission rewards proceed in an agreed-upon manner, Fempro Armour reserves the right to make any changes to the rates as deemed appropriate. Note, however, that Fempro Armour has no maximum commission limit for the affiliates.


Fempro Armour may decide to reverse any orders under different circumstances, including, duplications, returns, disputes, order cancellations, or violations of the policies outlined here. We may also ask our affiliates for any details required in this connection, especially if we detect any policy violations. As an affiliate, you are encouraged to respond to our queries promptly and faithfully.

Regarding policy violations, the following are the conditions that explicitly fall in this category.

Poor availability from your end
Improper, vague, or fallacious response(s) from you
Failure to demonstrate evidence of the source of traffic coming to our Program from your referral
In case we detect any of these violations, Fempro Armour can choose to amend or deny any payouts and/or terminate your participation from the affiliate program. While we understand such violations may also happen due to automated processes, we expect our affiliates to monitor the processes vigilantly and address any prospective issues promptly to ensure continued participation and adherence to these Terms and Policies.


Under the Fempro Armour Affiliate Program, we give you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use “Assets” that we provide to you. These may include the products, tools, and creative assets essentially helpful for successfully executing the Program and the subsequent tracking of our referrals via your affiliate code.

These Assets remain available to you under the License provided that remains valid until the termination/suspension of your affiliation with us, or the voluntary departure from this Program from your end.

Under this License, you agree to use the Assets per the following instructions that Fempro Armour has detailed herewith:

You will not modify, corrupt, or disable Asset tracking in any way possible.
No modification, alteration, addition or deletion of Assets shall happen from your end without prior and explicit approval from Fempro Armour.
You agree to limit the use of Assets provided to you from us only for advertising purposes of Fempro Armour.
You understand that all rights, interests, and ownership, trademark, copyright, and intellectual property in the Assets solely belong to Fempro Armour. This agreement does not levy any permissions, rights, authority, ownership, or interests in the Assets to you in a manner not stated in this Agreement regarding the use of Assets by you under the License provided.
No claims shall be made from your end regarding the interests, rights, ownership of the Assets, or the trademark, IP, or copyrights attributed to Fempro Armour.
You agree not to distribute, share, or publish any promotional material regarding Fempro Armour without prior approval from us in writing.


You agree to refrain from sending any kind of commercial email (electronic mail) messages according to the Federal CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (“Act”) in regards to Fempro Armour Affiliate Program. ABC has the liberty to collect, hold back, or deny any compensations regarding the email messages sent from your end.

However, you may send relationship or transactional emails in compliance with the Act.

Social Media

This Agreement for Fempro Armour Affiliate Program permits you for marketing and promotions on social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, discussion sites, and others.

In this connection, you can share or post affiliate links on your social media accounts and profiles. However, you must refrain from sharing referral links on social media accounts belonging to Fempro Armour


This Agreement typically governs your association with Fempro Armour as an independent contractor. It does not, by any means, indicate your direct relationship with Fempro Armour as an employee, an agency, or partner. Under this Affiliate Program, you are not authorized to enter into any agreements with Fempro Armour, nor you can bind other parties into agreements as an Fempro Armour agent.

As an independent contractor, you are solely responsible for any taxes levied to you due to your association with Fempro Armour under this Agreement. The commission you receive from us as an affiliate is never charged with withholding taxes from our end.

You agree to explicitly disclose your affiliate link as a paid advertisement in the posts or pages where you use your referrals. In addition, you must state concisely about the compensations you receive from Fempro Armour for your referrals.

Prohibited Claims

You must remain careful about the claims you make regarding Fempro Armour in your promotional campaigns. You must avoid claiming Fempro Armour and its products as a diagnostic, remedial, or prevention measure for any disease(s).


Fempro Armour does not represent or warrant error-free or uninterrupted execution of this Affiliate Program. Nor will Fempro Armour be responsible for any consequences experienced by you due to possible interruptions in the Program.

Your participation in the Program warrants that:

You are legally authorized to enter into and abide by all the terms and policies described in this Agreement.
Your website includes no unsolicitous material deemed unlawful in Australia, Europe, and the United States.
Your website does not contain any unlawful material according to the laws defined in the country where you operate.
You have arranged any or all licenses, clearances, and permissions for the intellectual property material available on your website. You agree that your website does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any individual, organization, or entity. You also agree to have not received any claims regarding potential IP rights infringement, nor would such claims arise in the future.
You are not connected to Fempro Armour as an employee, an agent, a partner, or a competitor of the brand, nor are you connected with any ABC individual or organization that competes Fempro Armour.
You may be an independent contractor or an affiliate to any entities competing with Fempro Armour.


You agree to indemnify Fempro Armour from damages, lawsuits, complaints, claims, or costs potentially arising from a breach of warranties stated in this Agreement. You also hold harmless Fempro Armour for any claims, damages, costs, losses incurred to you out of any abuse of Assets described in this Agreement.


The information provided to you as a result of your involvement in this Fempro Armour Affiliate Program, which remains concealed from the public otherwise, comprises confidential information about Fempro Armour. You agree to not share, distribute, or expose this confidential information to any other individual or entity without explicit approval from Fempro Armour or as obliged legally.


Fempro Armour holds no accountability for any losses, direct/indirect/consequential/incidental damages, or costs incurred for obtaining alternate products or services (where Fempro Armour should have known or knew the probabilities of damages), or the costs incurred due to potential losses, service interruption or suspension, abuse of Assets, termination of this Agreement, or the performance of the other services governed under this Agreement.

I Accept