How to determine what protective gear you need?

adventurous motorcyclist in full body armor navigating a fast moving river in a forested area

Your landing on this page means you recognize the importance of wearing protective gear. Robust protective armour saves you from painful injuries, concussions, and bruises following falls or harsh impacts. However, you can only ensure all of this if you wear the right protective gear. So, how would you know which sort of gear is the best fit for you? Let’s find out how to determine what protective gear you need!

What gear is protective?

Protective equipment may be worn for job-related occupational safety and health purposes and should be based on the hazards identified during the job related assessment, however it can also be worn for sports and other recreational activities. Protective clothing is applied to traditional categories of clothing, and protective gear applies to items such as pads, guards, shields, or masks, and others.

When Should You Wear a Protective Gear?

Before moving on to the factors you should consider when opting for protective gear, you need to be clear about when do you need one.

Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) isn’t only a requirement for high-risk frontline personnel. Instead, you may consider wearing protective gear wherever you fear or risk impacts. That includes everything from horse riding and rugby, hockey and bowling to adventurous bike rides.

In addition, you may also opt for protective gear in your everyday activities if you risk impacts. For instance, women might need to wear breast armour’s to prevent injuries following an impact. Likewise, elderly individuals are more at risk of hip and femur injuries in case of accidental falls, which an appropriate hip armour can significantly prevent.

How to Find the Right Gear for You

Now that you know how appropriate body armour may accompany you at various times, let’s move on to understanding how to find the right one. You won’t be wrong if you think picking up just any PPE kit for protection is easy. However, it’s not as easy as it seems.

Ensure Your Gear Supports the Particular Activity

For adequate protection without discomfort, make sure that the gear you have chosen sufficiently protects your body parts that are vulnerable in a particular activity.

For instance, wearing a helmet while playing tennis will do nothing but stress your neck and affect your agility. Nor do you need a chest plate and hip armour for the same reasons. Instead, what you need is a pair of adequately padded, sturdy tennis shoes to support your ankle, and elbow braces to prevent sprains and injuries.

Nonetheless, wearing a helmet and chest armour during activities like Rugby can add to your personal protection. Similarly, bike riding essentially requires protecting your head, chest, hips, elbows, knees, and feet, so look for the kits protecting these areas.

However, things are pretty different when you look for protection for your elders at home. For them, most injuries arise from sudden falls, the most critical being those that affect the hip bone. And for women, breast tissue injuries are simply unbearable. For such people, comfy chest and hip armour’s help to achieve better protection.

Look For Quality and Durability

damaged fempro armour body armor and jersey after a motorcycle accident displaying chafe marks and tears
Evidence of durability Fempro Armours body armor and jersey after surviving a motorcycle accident showcasing its protective capabilities despite visible wear and tear

Apart from the gear’s usability, make sure that the gear you choose is long-lasting. Of course, since a body armour is meant to be used roughly, bearing all the forces and impacts, it won’t accompany you for eternity. But it should at least last for some time, enduring a few falls and impacts before bidding you goodbye.

If you’re unsure about a PPE’s quality, you may scrutinize its labels for certifications and standards. For instance, Fempro Armour boasts European Impact Certification (CE) Levels 1 and 2, so you can rest assured about your protection during intensive activities.

Ensure Your Gear Is Comfortable

Feasibility? Check! Sturdiness? Check! Quality? Check! But one last thing, which is of utmost importance, is your comfort! The ideal body armour doesn’t compromise your comfort for protection. That means it shouldn’t interfere with or halt your movements, shouldn’t be heavy or ill-fitting, and shouldn’t hurt you in an impact.

assortment of motorcycle protective gear including various pads and a back protector
Essential Protective Gear for Impact SportsSafety First

For example, Fempro Armour body armour’s are designed with high-quality PU-foam protector that warrants maximum impact resistance while remaining lightweight for the wearer. So, when wearing Fempro armour’s, you won’t even notice the burden of wearing something additional to your clothes while remaining peaceful about your safety.

Choose The Gear That Suits Your Budget

Last, but not the least, arranging for personal protection (PPE) should cost you a fortune. Of course, health is wealth, but you can’t risk your entire wealth on an armour that isn’t foolproof either. So, when it’s about buying protective gear, give equal weightage to the product quality and the price. Don’t go for something that comes with a higher price tag. Rather a kit that comes on a budget, includes everything you needs, and is made of quality material, should be your choice.

Wrapping Up

Protective gear shouldn’t be a bulky steel cage that makes you think of knight armour (unless you’re really performing as a medieval knight). Instead, it should be comfortable and lightweight, not interfering with your actions while providing maximum protection during falls and impacts. With these factors in mind, you can easily find your best pick to protect your body as you venture out!

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