Alpinestars Stella Bionic Black Comparison

Comparison of FEMPRO ARMOUR and ALPINE STAR protective biking jerseys

Body armour comes in many different shapes and sizes, materials and not to mention levels of protection and styles of vest. It can be very confusing to say the least, and difficult to find clear, concise information about the basics when it comes to body protection. Here at Fempro Armour HQ, we often get asked what the unique differences are between Fempro Armour body armour and what is already available on the market. 

Today we take a look at the Alpinestars’ Stella Bionic jacket and compare it with Fempro Armour Pro Body Armour – Virago

Black full-sleeve motorcycle armor jacket with red and white branding
Durable full-sleeve motorcycle armor jacket featuring prominent branding and reinforced padding for enhanced safety.


The Alpinestars’ Stella Bionic jacket is a form fitting body armor that includes CE-certified back, chest, elbow and shoulder protectors, plus a kidney belt, and all in a lightweight, ventilated package. Composite of materials, from the polyurethane foam padding in the shoulders and elbows, to the hard shell chest and back protectors, to the elastic kidney belt, all working together to protect your body.

The Fempro Armour Pro Body Armour – Virago  provides very similar features, from the form fitting body armour that is CE-certified in the chest, back, elbow and shoulder protectors, minus the kidney belt, and all in a lightweight package to give maximum protection on impact.

Whilst both jackets feature body hugging fabric material, and straps to hold armour in place, however there are two significantly difference between the jackets. Firstly; how the armour is attached to the jacket, but most importantly what kind of impact certification the armour has.

In the Alpinestars’ Stella Bionic jacket, all armour is sewn into the fabric permanently, which makes this garment only washable in the laundry tub. The chest and back armour is noticeable from the outside, and shoulder & elbow armour is attached from the inside.

Fempro Armour Pro Body Armour – Virago has their armour in internal pockets (like pillow slips), so its easy to take the armour out prior to washing the undergarment in the washing machine. No more smelling body armour because its just too hard to wash your gear in the tub, and the best thing is, you won’t look like a robot anymore.

But the most important part in choosing what armour is right for you is what the impact certification of the body armour has. Impact certification starts from CE stone shield, level 1 & 2. With level 2 in motorcycling bringing you the highest protection.

Both jackets accommodate body armour that is CE certified, however in the Alpinestars’ Stella Bionic Jacket the only CE level 2 is for the back armour. The shoulders & elbows armour is CE certified for level 1, and the chest is only EN 14021 (stone shield) rated, which means it will only protect against minor impacts such as from small stones thrown up during off road riding or tire roosting. Fempro Armour Pro Body Armour – Virago  is very simple, all body armour is CE rated for level 2, unless you request a level 1 for the chest armour.

Another difference to point out is, what kind of material used in the body armour. Is it hard plastic which can break and get brittle over time, or soft PU foam that moulds to the wearers shape and is reusable over and over again.

Alpinestars’ Stella Bionic jacket uses a innovative 3D grid structure and constructed from a hybrid polymer (hard plastic) and EVA foam compound as backing. The women-specific chest protector is made out of a hard shell (which doesn’t mould to your body) with a flat foam pad underneath which doesn’t accommodate the female breast. It’s newly developed shoulder and elbow PU foam padding incorporating channeling design for increased flexibility and cooling.

The Fempro Armour Pro Body Armour – Virago armour is made out of a viscoelastic PU foam that will not only mould to your body shape, but will also protect you through its unique design of shock absorption, shock delay and dissipation of shock. Firstly, when shock is applied the foam reacts to the impact energy by hardening. Secondly, the foam will delay the impact by transmitting the shock to the human body over a longer period of time before becoming soft again. Thirdly, the impact is dissipated over larger areas of the body to minimizing the impact. Meaning the likely hood of internal damage is minimized as much as possible. The chest armour is also boob shaped, so no more squashed boobs. It moulds to the wearer, and softens further by becoming even more comfortable, with body heat, and it is barely noticeable once wearing.

Guarantee Length and Assurance

Alpinestars accept return items if the item is faulty, but no mention of any warranty length for any of the armour. 

Fempro Armour offers a 30 days return guarantee and a 10 year warranty for all armour. Yes you have read right. If anything happens to your armour within 10 year, just send it back for a replacement and  if you don’t like your purchase, just return it within 30 days to receive a full refund or store credit (conditions apply).

Bottom Line

Never compromise your safety in choosing the best quality armour for your next adventure. Compare products to identify which features offer a standard safety measure and above, price, effectiveness, and long-term use.  

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