Does body armor actually protect you?

smiling woman wearing damaged fempro armour body armor with visible chafe marks and torn jersey after a motorcycle accident

When it comes to motorcycle safety, one of the most common questions we encounter at Fempro Armour is: “Does body armor actually protect you?” Today, we’re going to address this crucial question with a compelling real-world example provided by one of our customers, who recently survived a high-speed motorcycle accident on a highway in New South Wales, Australia.

The Incident

On of our customer was riding at highway speeds when she unfortunately came off her motorcycle. Despite the high-speed impact and the potential for severe injuries, the situation provided a unique opportunity to witness the effectiveness of our body armour under extreme conditions.

The Evidence

damaged fempro armour body armor and jersey after a motorcycle accident displaying chafe marks and tears
Evidence of durability Fempro Armours body armor and jersey after surviving a motorcycle accident showcasing its protective capabilities despite visible wear and tear

The image featured in this blog post shows the aftermath of the accident. It displays the Fempro Armour gear laid out, showing significant signs of wear and tear. The armor pieces, including elbow, shoulder, back and chest protector, all exhibit signs of heavy use with scratches and abrasions. Most importantly, these pieces maintained their structural integrity, staying in place during the crash.

Analysis of the Gear

While the jersey itself is not designed for use alone in on-road conditions (she wore no jacket over the jersey), and shows considerable damage and tearing, the crucial elements here are the armour pieces. They are designed to protect vital areas of the body against impacts and abrasions. The fact that these pieces remained intact and in position is a testament to their design and the protection they offer. Each piece is made with high-impact resistant materials and is strategically placed to shield the rider from the most common points of contact during a fall or collision.

Conclusion: Does Body Armour Protect?

This incident clearly demonstrates that yes, body armour does protect. In this specific case, the armour absorbed the brunt of the impact, prevented more severe abrasions, and most likely played a significant role in reducing the severity of injuries our customer might have otherwise sustained.

It’s important to remember that while body armour provides significant protection, it is most effective when used in combination with other appropriate gear, especially a properly designed jacket for on-road use. Safety gear is part of a comprehensive approach to riding safety, which should also include proper training and adherence to road safety laws.


We’re relieved and proud to see that our products performed exceptionally under pressure and played a role in protecting our customer. At Fempro Armour, we are committed to provide with the highest quality protective gear, designed to meet the demands of riders across all conditions. This incident serves as a powerful reminder of why investing in high-quality body armour is essential for anyone who takes motorcycle riding seriously.

Stay safe out there, and remember, the right armour doesn’t just protect your body—it gives you the confidence to enjoy the ride, knowing you’re well-protected.



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