Should I let my daughter play rugby?

Diverse group of female rugby players with the slogan "TRY AND STOP US" in the background.

Most of us have been brought up with the idea that rugby is a “boys” sport, but the truth is, more and more people are learning that rugby is great for girls too.

In fact, in June of 2019 the World Rugby organisation revamped their brand identity by launching the ‘Women in Rugby’ campaign, which was designed to boost participation for women in the sport, while also getting the public behind women’s rugby.  

In this article, we’ll explore four reasons why rugby is great for girls. Let’s do this! 

4 reasons why rugby is great for girls or women 

Truth be told, there are heaps of reasons why rugby is great for girls. Here are just four that we believe to be important: 

Reason #1 – Girls of all shapes and sizes are celebrated in rugby

For decades and decades, women have been told by society that their value comes from having a thin frame and skinny body. And young girls can be particularly susceptible to this kind of messaging. 

One of the main reasons why rugby is great for girls is because the world of rugby couldn’t be further from diet culture and unhealthy beauty standards prescribed in magazines. Instead, rugby promotes a strong and healthy body. It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, there’s a position suitable for everyone when playing rugby. 

Reason #2 – Girls discover that failure is just a part of the game 

Another awesome reason why rugby is great for girls is that it teaches girls the value of teamwork. When your team loses a game, you come together and you figure out what went wrong and how you can improve next time. There’s no blame or shame in rugby, failure is just a part of the game and girls will learn that working together will help them to achieve a better result next time. 

Reason #3 – Rugby helps to build resilience and confidence 

A third reason why rugby is great for girls is because it’s a game that helps to build resilience and confidence, two super important traits for young girls to have. Rugby helps girls to gain physical strength and mental strength, which she will carry with her into all the other areas of her life.   

Reason #4 – Rugby teaches you how to tackle safely and effectively 

Let’s face it, rugby is a high-impact sport but this is also another good reason why rugby is great for girls. During training sessions, girls who play rugby will be taught how to safely and effectively tackle their teammates, which will also build their confidence on the field but also reduce any injuries that may occur.  

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