What are the 5 steps of injury prevention?

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No matter what kind of physical activity you’re participating in, whether it’s low impact sports, high impact sports or anything in between, there are things you can do to help prevent injuries. Create a comprehensive fitness regimen that encompasses cardiovascular workouts, resistance training, and flexibility exercises. This holistic approach will significantly reduce your risk of injury. Ensure variety by alternating muscle groups targeted during your workouts and engage in exercise on an alternate-day basis. Don’t forget to prioritize a thorough cooldown routine following your exercise or sports activities for maximum benefit. For women training or competing in high-impact sports, here are some top tips to help you prevent injuries so that you can continue playing the sport you love. 

Listen to your body 

It’s so important not to overwork yourself as a woman in high-impact sports. If you find that your body is starting to tire, stop and take a short break to let your body recover. The main thing to remember when training in high-impact sports is sustainability. You don’t want to train so hard that you end up with overuse injuries or stress fractures. Slow down to speed up! 

Change things up once in a while 

Cross training is critical when it comes to avoiding injuries in high impact sports as a woman. By performing the same movements day in and day out, you put added strain on certain muscles. That’s why it’s important to add variety to your training sessions to prevent injuries. Try adding a running session, swimming or some other activity to change up your routine. 

Don’t forget to warmup and cool down

Anytime you engage in high-intensity activity without gradually increasing your heart rate, you put your body at risk. Make sure to warm up adequately before you get too far into your high impact sports training session. Similarly, don’t forget to stretch after your session either. Stretching helps to loosen your muscles after a training session and can help to prevent injury.  

Wear the appropriate protective gear

One of the best ways to prevent injury in high-impact sports as a woman is to wear the right gear while playing or training. You never know when you might cop an elbow to the chest or fall and land the wrong way – which is why wearing protective gear is so important. Check out our range of female designed body armour HERE

Stay hydrated

It goes without saying really, but you should always try to stay as hydrated as possible whenever you’re playing or training in high impact sports. Not only will more water help you to feel your best, but it will also help you to perform your best too. If you’re training for longer than an hour, sports drinks containing electrolytes can also be beneficial. 

To read more visit Hopkins Medicine.

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