Absolutely sensational armour!

On the 25th of June 2021 I was involved in a motorcycle accident on a well known local road. I was travelling behind a truck in the Twistie section of the road and I ran over a piece of bark that was covered in oil from a previous crash a few days prior. Next minute, I was on the ground sliding in my leathers. I was wearing the Level 2 Xena Chest Armour from FemPro Armour. Luckily I had put the armour inside my leathers that day, as when I slid along the road I came to a sudden stop, courtesy of a road sign. The Level 2 Xena Chest Armour saved me from broken ribs and any injuries to my chest. I had previously broken ribs in a track accident which I was having troubles healing and due to having the Level 2 Xena Chest Armour on it meant it hasn’t caused any further issues to my ribs. I would Highly recommend the Chest Armour by Fempro Armour to male and females. Protect those ribs and boobies ladies.