Due to its intelligent design, the highly flexible 3D protector is made of viscoelastic soft foam with very good shock absorption values even at low temperatures. Viscoelastic armour is soft and body-forming until it is impacted.

Large protection area, high flexibility, thanks to deep notches. Suitable for high quality leather and textile clothing. We recommend these protectors for to use in shoulder, elbow and knee areas. High-end-engineering for greater safety.

At impact it reacts quickly to form a rigid mass. The material prevents trauma to the human body by three methods:

  • Shock Absorption: Material absorbs impact energy through phase change (hardening).
  • Shock Delay: Material delays the transmittance of some shock to the human body over a longer period of time.
  • Dissipation: Impacts are dissipated over larger areas of the body.

Viscoelastic armour is able to achieve a higher level of shock/impact reducing benefits with more comfort and less bulk than traditional hard armour – foam laminate solutions.

Performance level: 2 (mean value below 20 kN)

Weight: ca. 95g per item
Dimensions (L/W/H): ca. 250/215/16 mm
Variants: black

  • Armour are lightweight
  • Armour are not destroyed by an impact and can still be used after
  • Armour is washable (remove, hand launder separately / water absorption less than one per cent
  • Injuries should be reduced in severity but not entirely prevented
  • 2 pieces per order

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg


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