How much is your Body Armor being helpful or harmful?

I often get asked what CE level should I wear, level 1 or level 2? It should really be a personal preference and what kind of sports you do.   Armour that is certified as a level 2 is of course the best protection you can have; however, it does come with some compromises, which is weight. The armour I wear depend on the riding style I do. I wear a level 1 when I ride my dirt bike as I really love the light mould and it’s light weight of 350g. On the road I wear my level 2, which is 525g in weight because I feel the impact that can occur is way greater on road riding in my opinion. Being hit by a car or being stopped from a street sign is definitely different then me falling off in sand or over some rocks. If you ride at a motocross track and do those crazy jumps then I definitely would recommend a level 2. Falling from a two-story building so to speak needs definitely the best protection you can have. So, it really comes down how the impact can occur and how sever it could unfold, but ultimately, it’s a personal choice and weighing up the pro and cons with either armour levels. We are very excited to have some amazing plans in the near future which mean our level 2 will come in a much lighter version and out level 3 for horse riding competition and defense force. So stay tune!