Finding the right size is a daunting exercise particular when many brands say that they are made for women of different shapes and sizes and they are not or you come from a different country (Australia) than us.

Please make sure to consult our sizing guide for correct sizing of your pants or jersey. If you are on the outside of either sizing guide, you may like to go either a size smaller or a size larger. However if you are doubtful what size you should choose, just send us a quick message via our chat or email us to

Jersey Guidance: Size 8 – 22.  Designed to be fitted so if you like it loose or you want to wear it over your armour, you may want to go a couple of sizes up.

Body Armour: Size 8 – 22. I recommend you go one size down as you want the jersey to be close fitted.

Chest Armour plate: Currently, our chest plate is for ladies up to a cup size DD. The armour can still be worn if you are smaller or even a little bigger in size as the armour will become hard on impact, so your chest area will still be protected. We are currently in the making our smaller size for ladies with A-B cup, which will become available later in 2021.

Please feel free to email us, if you have any question regarding our sizing guide.

Do you still have any questions? If so please get in touch with us via our CONTACT US page