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Each year thousands of women are hospitalized with sporting-related injuries, and chest trauma is the leading cause of death among those injured. If you are looking for the ultimate female breast & chest protection, then look no further than our unique Xena female breast protection armour.

How does the armour protect?

The Xena female breast protection armour is made from a viscoelastic soft foam, weighing only 350g for level 1 or 525g for level 2 protection.

It will protect through shock absorption, shock delay and dissipation of shock. Firstly, when shock is applied the foam reacts to the impact energy by hardening. Secondly, the foam will delay the impact by transmitting the shock to the human body over a longer period of time before becoming soft again. Thirdly, the impact is dissipated over larger areas of the body to minimizing the impact. Meaning the likely hood of internal damage is minimized as much as possible.

The armour is boob shaped, so no more squashed boobs. It moulds to the wearer, and softens further by becoming even more comfortable, with body heat. It is barely noticeable once wearing, and the best part is, it’s backed up with a 10 year warranty.

Where can I wear the armour?

The armour can be worn at any impact sports, professional field and even in aged care. Its can be used in combination with our undergarment jersey, sports singlet or by itself when wearing fitted uniform.

  • Impact tested for level 1 & 2
  • Weight is 350g and 525g
  • Dimensions are (L/W/H): ca 346/315/19mm or 21mm
  • Cup size C-DD, however A, B and E cup can still wear it too as the armour will mould to your body
  • Please email us prior of ordering if you have questions regarding the cup size

Disclaimer: Injuries should be reduced in severity but not entirely prevented

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Additional information

Weight 525 kg
Dimensions N/A
CE Level

CE Level 1, CE Level 2


  1. Mel

    What amazing chest armour!

    Whether I am on the bike out on the track, on the road, or even whilst riding my horses; this armour gives me peace of mind that I needed

  2. Madison

    Absolutely sensational armour!

    On the 25th of June 2021 I was involved in a motorcycle accident on a well known local road. I was travelling behind a truck in the Twistie section of the road and I ran over a piece of bark that was covered in oil from a previous crash a few days prior. Next minute, I was on the ground sliding in my leathers. I was wearing the Level 2 Xena Chest Armour from FemPro Armour. Luckily I had put the armour inside my leathers that day, as when I slid along the road I came to a sudden stop, courtesy of a road sign. The Level 2 Xena Chest Armour saved me from broken ribs and any injuries to my chest. I had previously broken ribs in a track accident which I was having troubles healing and due to having the Level 2 Xena Chest Armour on it meant it hasn’t caused any further issues to my ribs. I would Highly recommend the Chest Armour by Fempro Armour to male and females. Protect those ribs and boobies ladies.

  3. Ash deBakker

    Finally, chest protection for the ladies!

    Loving the protection Fempro Armour provides inside my motorcycle racing leathers. I found the product molded quickly and easily to my shape. Forgot it was there after a few minutes. Finally something made for the girls which we don’t adapt for our use. Highly, highly recommend this product for any sport which may involve the potential risk of impact injury!

  4. Belinda B

    I never knew I need it….

    Until someone made it! So comfortable and light, and provides me that additional level of protection that a girl needs to protect her tatas. Slides right into my jacket, or in summer I will definitely use my singlet!

  5. Lisa C

    I highly recommend this incredible protective CE breast/chest/sternum armour….

    Dedicated especially for us ladies to protect our assets!! I wear it across all of my rides…dirt, track and road with my textiles and leathers. Once warmed up with my own body heat (or sunshine), it fits perfectly to my shape, is flexible, lightweight, comfy and above all gives me one less thing to worry about when I’m riding. I’m pretty big on safety gear, especially with the line of work I’m in, so it’s a no brainer for me to protect myself and my fellow female riders.💪

  6. Renae Kroh

    Fits Comfortably
    Can’t feel it as it moulds perfectly to your body and feel good knowing I have full chest protection while riding.

  7. Kathy

    Amazing product made by an amazing woman

    I never ride without my armour, to be honest it just isn’t worth the possible risk of injury without it. So comfortable you forget you are even wearing it.

  8. Kath

    I can’t recommend this chest armour enough.

    I wear the armour every single time I ride. So comfortable that I forget that I am even wearing it as it moulds to my chest. My chest is protected and wish that every single woman would invest in this brilliant product.

  9. Mel D

    Best booby armour available!

    What amazing chest armour! Whether I am on the bike out on the track, on the road, or even whilst riding my horses; this armour gives me peace of mind that I needed

  10. Deb

    Fantastic piece of protection for riding on the road or track. I have the singlet which fits perfectly and i slip both chest and back protector in. It moulds to my shape with body heat and I don’t notice im wearing it. Im so happy with this product and would recommend it to everyone.

  11. Zoe Lee Baker

    The Fempro Armour can go inside crop singlet and is a breathable baselayer designed to be worn under your jersey for low-profile coverage or can be worn inside a jacket etc. When buying the armour with crop singlet option the armour can be easily removed as needed. The armour is design to increases your impact protection, the fabric of the crop singlet is breathable it is a snug fit and secure—the armour softens to conform to your body as it is warmed by your own heat—offering minimal restrictions and maximum benefit. Definitely recommend this product if you care about protecting your upper body while Mountain Biking or any sport.

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