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Mountain biking demands exceptional gear to tackle challenging terrains. Discover our collection of mountain biking body armour, including lightweight yet robust chest and back protectors, elbow and knee guards, and specialized protective gear for downhill riding. With Fempro Armour protective gear you can ride with confidence, knowing you have the best possible protection.

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I can’t recommend this chest armour enough.

I wear the armour every single time I ride. So comfortable that I forget that I am even wearing it as it moulds to my chest. My chest is protected and wish that every single woman would invest in this brilliant product.

Kathy / Standthope

I never knew I need it….

Until someone made it! So comfortable and light, and provides me that additional level of protection that a girl needs to protect her tatas. Slides right into my jacket, or in summer I will definitely use my singlet!

Belinda B / Sydney

As a G size Big Boobie Bad Ass Dirt Bike Racing Diva, this armour has been amazing! I can’t even feel it! It’s so light and malleable to fit my otherwise unprotected fun bags😝

Rachelle Dessent