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We offer a diverse selection of motorcycle body armour designed to provide maximum protection without compromising comfort and mobility. Our range includes innovative chest & back protectors, elbow & shoulder protectors, shin & hip protectors, and full-body suits, all engineered with the latest technology to absorb and distribute impact forces effectively.

Our protective gear can be worn On-Road, Adventure, MX, Hard Enduro and Track racing.

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I can’t recommend this chest armour enough.

I wear the armour every single time I ride. So comfortable that I forget that I am even wearing it as it moulds to my chest. My chest is protected and wish that every single woman would invest in this brilliant product.

Kathy / Standthope

I never knew I need it….

Until someone made it! So comfortable and light, and provides me that additional level of protection that a girl needs to protect her tatas. Slides right into my jacket, or in summer I will definitely use my singlet!

Belinda B / Sydney

As a G size Big Boobie Bad Ass Dirt Bike Racing Diva, this armour has been amazing! I can’t even feel it! It’s so light and malleable to fit my otherwise unprotected fun bags😝

Rachelle Dessent