How XENA Helps Keep Women Safe From Sports Injuries

Injuries to the chest and breast area are no joke, they can cause serious pain, discomfort and lead to other health complications, even death. 

One way to keep women safe from sports injuries is to use chest protection equipment. Just like males wear cups to protect their groins while playing sports, women should protect their breasts to prevent injuries to their chests. 

Thankfully, we have a solution – XENA chest armour. In this article, we’ll outline how XENA helps keep women safe from sports injuries (and no, we’re not talking about the warrior princess, although she wore some pretty badass armour herself!). 

What causes breast injuries in sport?

Each year thousands of women are hospitalized with sporting-related injuries, and chest trauma is the leading cause of death among those injured. 

Chest trauma can arise from high impact sports like soccer, football, tennis, martial arts, hockey, and more. Injuries to the chest are most likely to occur when a woman is hit in her chest area by a hard tackle or stray elbow, but they can also occur from a fall or by being accidentally hit in the chest with a piece of sports equipment. 

How can we keep women safe from sports injuries?

The answer is simple, by investing in high-quality protective gear like our XENA chest armour. While protective gear can’t eliminate sports injuries entirely, it does help to dramatically reduce the occurrence of sports injuries and also reduces the severity of any sports injuries that do occur. 

Wearing personal protective equipment (or PPE or short) is the best way to keep women safe from sports injuries in our opinion. 

How does XENA keep women safe from sports injuries?

Xena keeps women safe from sports injuries through shock absorption, shock delay and dissipation of shock. But how does that work exactly? 

Firstly, when shock is applied (or when your chest receives an impact) the foam reacts to the impact energy by hardening. 

Next, the foam will delay the impact by transmitting the shock to your body over a longer period of time before becoming soft again. 

Lastly, the impact is dissipated over larger areas of the body to minimise the impact. All this means is that the likelihood of internal damage is reduced as much as possible.

Our XENA armour is boob shaped too, which means there will be no more squished boobs! Protective gear like this can be uncomfortable to wear, but not our XENA. It molds to your body, and softens further, becoming even more comfortable with body heat. 

We’re not joking when we say it is barely noticeable when you’re wearing it!

Why you should consider buying XENA chest armour

In order to keep women safe from sports injuries you need to invest in some high quality personal protective gear. If you play high-impact sports, ride motocross, or participate in any other activities that may result in trauma to the chest, XENA chest armour will dramatically reduce the likelihood of you sustaining any major injuries. 

XENA chest armour is the most comfortable chest protection available on the market today, and it’s available in different sizes and CE levels. For more information, visit this link.